60 couples "Vows"

&Nbsp;   the morning, bride and groom from Guangzhou Su hua Zhou Feifei years in Haikou on the volcano "Alliance", and drinking before the Wan Nianquan on the Hill "through thick and thin water", will be donated by local centenarians love lock in the parent volcanic rock.
&Nbsp;   held the first hot-air balloon wedding in Haikou, with "love fly, round coconut-carrying" invitation in just half a month has attracted Shanghai, Xian, Chongqing, Beijing, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other Chinese and 60 couples signed up across an ocean. They are married couples or couples for many years, there are married couples.
&Nbsp;   Su hua Zhou Feifei is the first to join the new, their reporters ' cameras show sweet.
&Nbsp;   from the United States of the Johnsons told reporters that the 5 years they lived in Hainan, Chinese-style hot air balloon wedding, feeling local culture in Hainan Island, "fun fun"!
&Nbsp;   30 of the country's hot air balloon team to add to the fun. Floating hot-air balloon over the Evergreen Park in Haikou, Beijing Liu suddenly "change" a ring to his girlfriend to marry him. He said with a laugh, online Haikou wedding messages keep girlfriend signed up, in order to propose to put in a hot-air balloon scene.
&Nbsp;   participated in the activities, Lin said, simple marriage ceremony that year, this time at hot air balloon wedding is a very special way to celebrate and wife, holding hands through 45 years of happy marriage.
&Nbsp;   in 60 couples, most notably from jiegu, yushu Tibetan young lover Luo Rosin, and GA songwenmao. They met fell in love three years wedding originally scheduled April 20 this year. But an earthquake so that they not only lost loved ones, new houses in ruins. Organizing special offer round-trip tickets after understanding their situation, "didn't think we could be so romantic wedding miles away! "Rosin BA Luo Han Han said with a laugh.
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