A good time

Three months before the wedding  
1. buy a wedding ring  
2. Select makeup artist makeup and try fitting  
3. Select a wedding photography company, shooting wedding photos  
4. Select the wedding company, discuss specific form details (overall floral ceremony and wedding music, camera, etc)
5. determine the groomsmen bridesmaids flower girls  
6. choose the groomsmen the bridesmaids and the parents of the bride and bridegroom dresses  
7. the hotel and discuss the details menu  
8. Select marries words ceremony, wedding Word, new address  
9. If you go abroad for their honeymoon, consider Passport
A month before the wedding  
1. check the beauty, body effects, adjust care plan  
2. try on dresses to modify  
3. choose the bouquet and other accessories  
4. Please leave  
5. Invites the Minister, reference  
6. determine honeymoon details (hotel reservation required items)  
7. intended vehicle  
8. the new supplies are complete
Half a month before the wedding  
1. print the wedding process, decided to detail  
2. determine the full set of dresses, including shoes and underwear  
3. and confirm matters, trial meal  
4. buy tobacco, candy, wedding  
5. sent out the invitations and call to confirm  
6. register of the prepared gifts, prepared the day need to distribute red envelopes, small gift  
A week before the wedding  
1. decide on a guest at the wedding banquet seating  
2. to notify the wedding finally determines the number of, and hammer out the details of the hotel
3. write the toast  
4. bride at home new shoes  
5. Decides to wedding list of staff  
6. check whether the wedding day items are available  
7. for honeymoon prepared luggage  
8. clean the House
Wedding day  
1. confirm with makeup artist make-up time  
2. determine the order dress jewelry to wear and matching  
3. trim the fingernails and toenails  
4. wedding ring location  
5. enough sleep
Wedding flowers to be reckoned  
Boutonniere groom the only decorative, for the overall harmony, in the choice of materials and design should be consistent with the bride hands take. When the best man and Maid of honor selection of corsages, need to be aware of: 
* Corsages and bridal bouquet should be chosen in a range of flowers, and make sure there is enough quantity.  
* In the heat of the day, should prepare two sets of corsages, wedding day and night use, keep them fresh.  
* Bridesmaid Dresses style if not fit to wear corsages, or don't want to pierce the dress, flower corsages barge on the Ribbon and then back around the wrist.
10th day countdown  
Today you have to choose a professional beauty salon beauticians make corresponding body plan according to your skin condition. Aromatherapy firming body care can be used to remove dead skin, do body firming to repair, and make you glow on your wedding day in all its splendor. If you want to change hair style or hair colour, to proceed immediately. Because the hair for best results was about two weeks after the hair, which can make your hair look more natural, and if hair color is not to your satisfaction, we also had the opportunity to correct it.
9th day countdown  
Important points in today is the eyes and back. More and more Halter wedding dresses and dresses so that maintenance is very important in the back, with a body scrub in the shower to remove back of aging skin, then shower gel hydrate the skin, can make your back is fine and fair. And high quality of eye mask products can help you eliminate fatigue wedding, let your eyes look around charmingly.
8th day countdown  
Low cut dresses, sparkling necklaces will let you become someone else's Visual Center of the neck. Therefore, you need to use a special neck cream, by cleansing, moisturizing, massage and special care, significantly changing neck skin in a short period of time.
7th day countdown  
No matter how busy you have to insist on complete skin care procedures, skin care at this stage the focus should be on strengthening the moisturizing and firming the skin, to make skin shine, to achieve the best results, make skin dew-like transparent red sheen.
6th day countdown  
Today, you need a thorough cleansing of the skin, or find the Home Professional skin care center, doing a complete skin care maintenance. Basic program includes deep cleansing, apply to face and eliminate acne, facial, massage and beautician eyebrow. In addition to skincare, did not ignore a general maintenance, including dressing the body, essential oils for wrinkles, body scrub, and then spray, body lotion and body lotion on.
5th day countdown  
After 5 days of intensive care, I believe now ablaze with the glow you have it. Then you can try makeup, hairstyle you selected. Many people do not deliberately make a gorgeous dress style, so look at the makeup, to understand their needs and the appropriate adjustment is necessary, this can avoid you feel uncomfortable and affected the mood at the wedding.
4th day countdown  
Today, can choose from a daily nursing care on the basis of further supplementary maintenance, makes your skin in a short period of time to be set deeper nourishment, you prepare for the wedding and tired skin, do a deep cleaning, removal of cells and harmful substances, activation of skin tissue.
3rd day countdown  
Ring on the set when you want to leave a beautiful memory forever, hand care, of course, is key. Can do a hand wax treatments, or at home, he has a hand mask, which can increase the elasticity and softness of hand, makes hand skin smooth, soft, creating a perfect slender hands.
2nd day countdown  
If your wedding party to wear high heels when standing for long periods, foot care is essential. Apply cream, dead skin, the stratum corneum, including trimming toenails, to minimize foot soreness of your wedding. In addition, if you want to occur when eyebrows on the allergy to the wedding of your eyebrows should be repaired today and make beautiful eyebrow shape for your eyes even more expression. At night, you need to thoroughly clean your hair, painted hair mask hair for 20 minutes and then wash off. Next day will be very soft and smooth hair, hair will be very easy to do. Of course, you need to have a good night's sleep.
Wedding day  
Early morning shower will make you refreshing. Selection includes bath fragrance and aroma body lotion fragrance, pleasant smell always lingering around you. If you choose to have more exposed parts of the wedding dress, fragrant body powder will be your good friend. Both loose powder loose powder packaged or compressed powder, can make your skin look crystal clear, and smelled of fresh people breath.
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