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&Nbsp;   painting tradition of carp bream culture wedding dress wedding dress of the Han dynasty, Tang, ... ... Modern people are tired of seeing the wedding, someone got the ancient wedding. They drive Mercedes Benz new mother, I get paint bream swimming lake. People bride and groom eat dates and drink tea with sugar, we can stand the bow carp.
&Nbsp;   themselves or not, such a wedding arrangement features Opera in Yangzhou storytelling and puppets, afraid the wedding people did not understand? Equipped with a commentary explains, talking and doing, and this is what we understand by Tang Yun cultural wedding.
&Nbsp;   is not finished, and dinner ended, everyone wishing can be placed next to the Grand Canal with new lights, expressing good wishes.
&Nbsp;   spent:
&Nbsp;   held ancient wedding outfit is essential.
&Nbsp;   dress of the Han dynasty, Tang Chai-tin coating, with apparel jade bracelet, jade, Jade Hairpin is spending a lot of money.
&Nbsp;   plus take guests to Yangzhou, except dinner costs, cost more than 40,000 yuan.
&Nbsp;   all guests holding MOM thanks for expressing gratefulness to the wedding, there are new people deliberately choose to wed in mother's day. In order to make the audience moved with the touching scene, also advance statistics in the guest's mother (female). When the bride when they embraced their mother, master of ceremonies broadcast the name, motioned for them and their mothers hug onstage and immediately hold into one, even many hadn't investigations to the mother, also stood up to hug their dear mother, the scene is very warm.
&Nbsp;   spent:
&Nbsp;   general expenses, hugging is priceless.
&Nbsp;   sometimes, realize the dream of Drag Racing F1 track for the wedding ceremony, wedding is a day of meet the aspirations of the people. Long crazy wish, taking advantage of the big wedding and refreshing, something that many reasons for the alternative ceremony appeared. Such as in the field driving a Porsche at more than 200 kilometres an hour and led many guests drive bolted together, which will become a favorite topic for many years after marriage.
&Nbsp;   spent:
&Nbsp;   rent a car is big, especially on the F1 track wedding, wedding cars cannot be shabby.
&Nbsp;   pulled wind of sports car certainly to rent, with car also cannot too poor, such play a put, car rental fee also to tens of thousands of Yuan has new since Guide since played   stage drama wedding if is pair versatile of new, now most popular of practices is staged a Taiwan by men and women new play leads of "literary performances", good let this field wedding became real of "Wedding Show".
&Nbsp;   stage plays, musicals, dramas, sitcoms, and wedding guests are ready-made viewers, even the propaganda is not, all sold-out.
&Nbsp;   If the plan was a sign of stage plays, some may even put up an inflatable blimp in front of the wedding venue. To match the wedding theme invitations can be turned "tickets" or "tickets" menu you can change the theme, let guests sign a seat, even the menu is the "Star" flavor, the original "flavor of eight cover plate" was changed to "eight planets disc", "mushroom vegetable" was changed to "All About Eve".
&Nbsp;   spent:
&Nbsp;   make a wedding props are the biggest overhead. Just all kinds of paper products including invitations, table cards, postcards, menus, table plates, panels and more than 5000 Yuan. As for the choreography, sound, to elegant, absolutely not not 30,000 yuan.
&Nbsp;   Japan and South Korea Korean drama fan wedding bride, now, Japan and South Korea wedding is red hot.
&Nbsp;   Han-style wedding wedding ceremony similar to the West, the couple must face the priest received the blessing of God. Followed by some authentic Korean ceremony, the couple wore hanbok admission to gift her parents eat egg food, (the eggs are buried in the rice, the groom if chopsticks could be a stamp in the egg, meaning boy). Then, the groom twisted chicken neck, a symbol of male authority. There is a link, put aside gourd if scoop around the floor says the boy, if the scoop up girl.
&Nbsp;   Japan and South Korea must wear the wedding dress, after a statement by the new people start eating, playing games of charades after dinner.
&Nbsp;   spent:
&Nbsp;   in Shanghai, the wedding company flagship high-end markets of Japan and South Korea, higher fees than domestic wedding 20%-30%, is not a small expense. In addition, wedding outfit using a full set of Korean dress, kimono.
&Nbsp;   Butterfly wedding this wedding ideas from the natural sciences records, butterfly is gorgeous in it is said to be more than more than 40 days and nights, always has only one partner, its loyal human yearning for love.
&Nbsp;   Butterfly wedding ceremony: the butterfly into a wicker basket, after the couple exchange wedding rings and open baskets, at this time, hundreds of gorgeous butterflies merrily dances to fly out. All guests amazed again and again. With friends and new people to the next great hope of a happy life, colorful butterflies around the dancing to the Wedding Hall, stunning.
&Nbsp;   spent:
&Nbsp;   collection of butterflies is both time-consuming and costly, such as married in the winter, in order to ensure that the butterfly live, their insulation.
&Nbsp;   in addition, the wedding in order to heighten environmental, using pure flower arrangements, will also make the cost greatly.
&Nbsp;   experts advise wedding consumption often urge the couple to the wedding, make an appointment with the wedding planner is usually the first sentence: how much money do wedding? interesting is that wedding planners are often asked: "wedding, how much do you have? "
&Nbsp;   in accordance with the current price 5000 Yuan for the bottom line, you can make a lively wedding, and exquisite wedding, 200,000 yuan is not unusual. Wedding insiders told reporters, down-to-Earth wedding company business, profit at between 10%-15%, black can be as high as 50%, and those popular Japanese and Korean wedding service, as flowers, props, and profit rate of 70%-80%.
&Nbsp;   new hope weddings in particular, will find a special wedding plans. More expensive, always have your way. Wedding flowers, silk flowers and flower several times the price difference, and theme, and general flow of weddings and costs several times more. In order to show a luxury, many people prefer to use Fireworks, live performances, celebrity master of ceremonies, which will exponentially raise the cost of the wedding. Also did a lot of young people are just ignorant to the wedding, but compare the situations of those around, often wrong-footed. More new phase people when the wedding master of ceremonies, whether it is appropriate, to deposit on the spot, very impulsive.
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