First held in the Expo garden wedding couple

&Nbsp;   rookie Wang Xudong and familiar with the wedding process under the guidance of Li Yana was master of ceremonies, rehearsals. 1985-born bride Li Yana told reporters that she and her husband are Dalian, whilst in Australia going to graduate school, she studied design, my husband majored in law at the beginning did not know each other, one summer a few years ago, they both signed up for a tour, to play in Shanghai, sentiment took a knock in the journey and met and fell in love.
&Nbsp;   51 Golden Week this year, the two men returned to Dalian held a wedding ceremony, and decided to revisit the original token place-Shanghai, and see the World Expo. Li Yana said at the beginning, they didn't think about what wedding Expo, but after a visit to the World Expo, and sees France after the Museum had rose wedding event to be held, the action of the heart, with the encouragement of friends and family in Shanghai, two people decided to organize a wedding in the Park.
&Nbsp;   "finally down is a recent thing, we invited relatives in Dalian, about four or five tables, and let them look at the Expo in Shanghai, and addiction. "The bridegroom Wang Xudong said.
&Nbsp;   said two people, a thought "wedding Expo" are ridiculously expensive, but later on, drinks also includes wedding, master of ceremonies, and other costs, on the next deposit. "It didn't have anything to worry about. Although drinks and almost outside the Park, but in the Expo Park, wedding, very memorable. "According to the bride said, because the wedding Expo in scheme, this wedding was working in foreign money to buy their own.
&Nbsp;   "a century of Shanghai Expo, when we were studying abroad, very good impression many foreigners in Shanghai, the Shanghai World Expo's visibility is also very high, heard that we're in the Expo garden wedding, is the envy of many students, we also feel very proud. "Li Yana told reporters.
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