Generation personalized invitations married hot new ideas

&Nbsp;   a red card folded in half, cover the "most glorious", after the opening, is the workers, peasants and soldiers carrying quotations from Chairman Mao's image on the left, the right is a poster, poster known as "great news", good news in the new born made a brief introduction to the work place. This is a personalized invitations received by the press in recent days.
&Nbsp;   individuality and generation is a gimmicky wedding invitations. These invitations look trendy, innovative and unique content. According to a survey, 68% couple wants to have different personalities wedding, and wedding prices, more than half of the couple is willing to accept higher-priced personalized wedding. In our city, the sex theme wedding and will gradually become a kind of fashion, personalized wedding invitations also refurbished color.
&Nbsp;   these personalized wedding invitations, mostly from shopping sites. Press in a wedding invitations website to see paper invitations are available, style, including Korean, Western and Chinese, in addition to the traditional cross-table cards, as well as three vertical invitation, "plane ticket" invitations, "sacred" invitations and other personalized products. Prices for these individual invitation per 0.5 Yuan to 5 Yuan, content can be modified according to the requirements of the new design. Sellers describes, personalized invitations very hot recently, sold has reached more than 7,000 copies within a month.
&Nbsp;   "I married my wife, are organized. Suddenly let us go to the meeting, announced at the meeting that we were married, so we got married, don't have to prepare anything. "Marriage in the 50 's of the last century of Grandma Wong said with a smile. 80 's last century marry Miss Luo said she was the selection of invitations, just a regular Red fold invitations, cover printed with a simple "Hi" Word, Dragon, lanterns and other patterns.
&Nbsp;   "previous wedding invitations style stereotypes, has not been invited to impress guests, was unable to meet the pursuit of personality characteristics. "In order to make your wedding unique, is going to marry Miss Lin specially customized himself with a" bank card "version of the invitation has a unique wedding invitations, so she was excited. However, she also has some concerns, these new invitations, parents and the elderly will accept. "If the invitation is for the elderly, or with ordinary traditional invitations as well. "Miss Lin said.
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