Interesting wedding customs of 10 foreign countries

&Nbsp;   Denmark wedding: secret organizing marriages for several days, but it is done in secret, since the public organization will anger "ghosts" or arouse their jealousy. In the wedding at the end of the people carried to a large beer garden. Hands of the bride and groom on top of jars and jars were smashed. Marriageable woman will pick up debris on the scene, picked up the largest fragments of married woman is bound to the first, and picked the smallest are doomed to life is not married.
&Nbsp;   France wedding: romance simple marriage engagement before, the ceremony simple, usually by the woman's parents treat the man's parents and brothers and sisters, may also invite other relatives, and even one or two friends to attend. Weddings have also gradually simplified, but still the biggest family holiday, with a sacred color. Wedding presided over by the mayor or one of his deputies, customarily in early between 9 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of Tuesday, four, five or six. Dayanbinke after marriage.
&Nbsp;   Japan wedding ceremony: traditional Taoist traditional Japan Taoist ceremony enshrined Kami in the spirits of nature. At the time of the wedding, clerics pray for the grace to bless newlyweds. Ceremonies the last is "drinking wine" wedding in which people share holding in three flat glass of rice wine. These three Cup followed by mule from the bottom up, the groom picked up the first Cup, sipping a wine three, and then to the bride and bride SIP three consecutive wine glasses in turn to other relatives and friends. Before you start to have second and third glass of wine.
&Nbsp;   Jewish wedding: don't forget the blessings of Jihad after the groom to break the glass with the right foot, symbolizing the year (ad 70) the destruction of the Temple of Miss and remind people never to forget the sad occasion of the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem. But in modern times, people said of the fragility of human relationships with this custom, beginning of a new life and reject all prejudice and ignorance.
&Nbsp;   Indian wedding: quiet Canada Indian wedding with strong ethnic overtones. Wedding venue selection held in public buildings in the predominantly Indian, is a large wooden houses. Wedding, friends and acquaintances, neighbors, residents flocked to wooden house in the village, people sat on the floor, to exchange greetings. Men, women and children dressed in national costumes, fashionable and gorgeous. Although the sunny disposition of the Indians, but the wedding was very quiet, even if you speak softly.
&Nbsp;   wedding in the Philippines: observe ancient traditions often at weddings, the bride wore a traditional white wedding dress, and the groom is dressed in traditional men's dress in the Philippines (Barong). This dress is a transparent button-men's or boys ' shirts, often to attend special meetings or special occasions. Wedding Organizer will attend the wedding, witnessed new-sworn to the couple. And these sponsors also means guidance and help, that married couples can get their generous help when needed.
&Nbsp;   Finland wedding: tradition and innovation combine modern Finland held the wedding not only innovative, distinctive and reflect their traditional customs, such as throwing rice, cutting the wedding cake. Modern wedding is a combination of classical and romantic. Luxury wedding cars decorated with clanking tin cans, groom holding bride across the threshold. Modern Finland people, these are the real tradition.
&Nbsp;   India's wedding: ritual in India seen, the primary purpose of marriage is to complete various religious duties, which sacrifices the most important, but man must marry sons are eligible to offer a sacrifice of his ancestors. Therefore, at the wedding ceremony, couples mantras, prayers, vows, and husband to wife clearly said I in order to get his son to marry you. Priests also wished them for that purpose.
&Nbsp;   Germany wedding: hit the Bowl lucky invited wedding guests, each with a few broken dishes, broken dishes, broken plates, bottles and the like goods. And defying knocked down hard crash a pass, they think it can help couples to remove past troubles, usher in a sweet start, long life on the road, couples can always stay hot twitterings of love, life, and happiness.
&Nbsp;   Russia Weddings: frustrated wedding someone will shout "Ah! Ah! "Every time someone to lead us when called, will present all the chorus, then the couple will be stood up, passionately kiss in public. After a few minutes, then have been called "bitter", the bride and groom stood up again with a sweet Kiss to calm relatives called "bitter" ... ... This "program" at the wedding banquet at least repeated more than 10 relatives and friends will give up. Originally, according to Russia's statement that wine was bitter, not drinking, sweeten it with new kiss.
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