Life marriage "warm 2011 1th day

&Nbsp;   on October 10, 2010 "perfect" marriage set off the biggest climax, everyone is bullish on January 1, 2011, set off a climax, as of yesterday, the Post reporter learned from the Shanghai Bureau of civil marriage Office, online appointment booking for registration of more than more than 400 to the new, higher than that of the same period last year, but it's not hot, which herald the new day licensing can take a lot.
&Nbsp;   weather forecast, very cold January 1, 2011, the most cold-2, "forever" wedding look like a stream into the cold new year.
&Nbsp;   registry to the door ahead of new year, month, day is the same number of days is considered to be "auspicious", each century has only 12 days. On August 8, 2008, the "triple" wedding fever is rising.
&Nbsp;   August 8, 2008 "three eight, Olympic wedding" 7189 couples registered their marriage in Shanghai, a record since the founding of new China, Shanghai registered the largest number in a single day record.
&Nbsp;   September 9, 2009 "triple nine, meaning long" Shanghai 8852 couples registered refresh this record again.
&Nbsp;   October 10, 2010 "three-ten, meaning perfect" 10150 couples in Shanghai received the marriage certificate from the certification personnel hand, reached a new high Shanghai, one-day registrations.
&Nbsp;   January 1, 2011, "four, meaning for life", as of yesterday, the online appointment booking for registration of more than more than 400 to the new, higher than that of the same period last year, but compared with the figures was quite calm.
&Nbsp;   according to district marriage registry office statistics, on January 1 next year the booking situation are higher than in the past. Xinhua learned from the xuhui district marriage registry, online booking has already registered more than more than 70 on new year's day, coupled with manual appointment the total number of more than 150. Foresaw the day new people more, xuhui registries will add a Licensing Office. Xuhui registry staff told reporters that the original is at work from 9 o'clock in the morning, but if you come to the new line up is more, does not exclude the possibility of early start.
&Nbsp;   Huangpu district marriage registry also reflects on new year's day has more than 50 the number of booking online. "Match on August 8, September 9, the date of October 10, but more than 51, 11 more first day of national day Golden week. "Huangpu district marriage registry official said, based on considering the number of site do you want to work longer hours in the day.
&Nbsp;   new advance licensing Bureau of civil marriage Office Director Zhou Jixiang said, the County's marriage registration departments have prepared on January 1 next year, many registration centers also did a special on the environment the festive arrangement.
&Nbsp;   Zhou Jixiang reminded through network appointments upon the appointment to the new time period, bring the relevant documents and make an appointment to the marriage registration office, marriage registration, on-site newcomers as long as the signature, can you sign, and greatly speed up the time of registration. The new don't have reservations should make an appointment to apply for marriage registration office to get a card, if you don't have an appointment, "bring your ID card, account, 3 2 inch half-length, bareheaded in the near future photo color photo on both sides, to the marriage registration office early, as long as the materials are complete, for marriage registration. ”
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