Many college students moonlighting as wedding facilitator

&Nbsp;   "sign up for national wedding emcee Dalian first wedding contest and contest number has now reached more than 400 people, including college students on more than 300 people, mostly students. "The Dalian wedding Association Secretary-General, told reporters that" Let us surprise is, there are 7 graduate students collective registration. "He acknowledged that this was unexpected, but it's not too much, one is the enrolment of such activities, is good for cultivation of eloquence, is conducive to getting the work; the second is the wedding facilitator skills, can work part-time, and substantial income.
&Nbsp;   reporters learned from the Dalian wedding Association, Dalian there are wedding company thousands of large and small, with wedding Chair career but hundreds of people. It can be said that wedding hosts give part-time jobs provides a great deal of space.
&Nbsp;   Dalian Xin Peng boutique wedding planning agency General Manager Zhang Li, told reporters: "at present, the wedding hosts have market, most general host a wedding price is 800 Yuan, relatively nice host, at two thousand or three thousand Yuan, the known hosts, priced between 8,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan. A wedding takes time but after about half an hour, so to speak, the host of gold is very high. Because the host of the wedding is now part-time, so as a wedding company, reservations are often the wedding host. "
&Nbsp;   for conducting cost prices high, many students move.
&Nbsp;   Dalian wedding Association Secretary-General, said: "once it enters the high season for weddings, wedding host are swamped, which trained students, can easily be wedding choices. Preside over a wedding costs a minimum of not less than 500 Yuan, levels, popularity, well, presided over two or three times a week, who can earn four thousand or five thousand Yuan every month, regardless of who has considerable allure. "
&Nbsp;   also told reporters, now many people have literary and artistic talents, would choose part-time on the weekends to do wedding Chair. Such part-time is two thousand or three thousand Yuan. It can be said that hosting one or two weddings, equivalent to one month's salary bonuses.
&Nbsp;   many enrollment of college students say, attending the game, there are two, a weekend is considered a part-time job; the second is using the opportunity to exercise eloquence, prepare for future employment.
&Nbsp;   wedding Association Secretary-General said in Dalian, the value is closely related to awards and fame, once these students into the top 30, the Chair will also be turned several times.
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