Replacement ice wedding

&Nbsp;   the face of a reporter "would consider participating in a Winter Olympics," Hon, evidenced by rushing to answer: "my parents might want to fight you" finish, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo smiled at each other, a tenderness.
&Nbsp;   July 22, 2010, Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo officially announced that they will be held on September 4 at the first wedding on the big ice. Zhao said emotionally: "we get a marriage license for 3 years, but there has been no wedding, therefore, they always feel short of something. In particular, to the Vancouver comeback, no time to think about the wedding thing, I expect light snow likely or happy, so decided in September this year and gave snow a romantic wedding on the ice. "
&Nbsp;   in accordance with the introduction to couples on the ice, their wedding will draw on the world famous skating on Ice Tour "Star On Ice" show. By then, they as leaders and promoters of the skating performances, will invite Mao Asada, yagudin, Plushenko and other States figure skating superstar, and form the world famous choreographic ruinei·luoka, a famous singer Zhang liangying, LV Siqing violin family, dedication to the audience a pleasant, romantic art feast. This is the first time China has held such a high level of international figure skating show.
&Nbsp;   "we determine retired, but not leave the rink today announced in the form of skating performances to hold our wedding on the ice, I felt like a dream. "Shen Xue and constantly wiping his eyes with tears of excitement, she sobbed and said," my first dream is Olympic gold medals, the second dream is to fully introduce China tour, now both dreams have come true, my wedding was also added to the tour, the wedding theme is ' love and beauty ', I feel so happy. "
&Nbsp;   will be combined into one skating shows and wedding, was Zhao 18 years hard give the best return on the ice. "We have participated in many United States tour, their brand is the Star On Ice, we come to understand that many operational details, then, arises in China also makes a skating tour brand idea. "Zhao said," our brand name is Artistry On Ice, although retired, but will spare no effort to popularize and promote figure skating, because Chinese athletes have created a comprehensive strong skating teams, snow and I want the back of the athlete is the continuation of the current advantage. So, we at home with the help of this form, to create a good atmosphere for figure skating, and let more people enjoy the sport, participating in the sport. "
&Nbsp;   meaning so profound wedding of sport is also unique in the country, and how, remains to be announced September 4. According to the reporter, "Zhao" will be possible on the wedding day into a "Zhao Hongbo Shen Xue," "because in the past when he attends games, ladies first, so name of snow in front of me, but our wedding is a domestic habits. "Zhao was somewhat" proud "," this is Zhao Hongbo Shen Xue ' wedding, there should be a lot of surprises. "
&Nbsp;   at present, this grand wedding still hides many secrets of the ice, coach Yao bin said: "the second and the third were premeditated", but he himself was "going on the ice playing the piano track" just laughed, "what I haven't sent them gifts, then you will know. ”
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