Ten tips to create the perfect bride

  Dang wedding day by day near of Shi, beautiful of bride, you of heart is instead became some uneasy has does? is Ah, how to do a world Shang most beautiful of bride does? how with most effective of method will himself of beautiful wake does? this 18 enrollment simple feasible of beauty TIPS is we wants to dedication to you of, fast fast action up, to wedding moments Sprint's.


1. excessive clean hair is not easy to maintain style, so it's best to avoid the wedding day and wash your hair with shampoo, may wish to wash your hair the night, if you want to make more long hair fixed, can take the coin size styling wax and gel into styling the hair.

2. avoid hair color dyed too shallow, too deep, too red or too pale, chocolate, honey-colored warm shades such as caramel and more suitable for the bride on the wedding ceremony, which could significantly brighten skin tone the hair color, will set off white in the pink.

3. If you decide on the wedding day to comb long hair hairstyles, loose curls and waves hair styles would be the best choice, it can make you look soft and not stiff.

4. starting from planning a wedding for the first 6 months, give your hair a deep conditioning treatment every month and 5-7 days before the wedding, hair deep care for the last time. This is to keep the hair shiny, while not in the wedding day hair too soft to take care of the little secrets.

5. the wedding a week before doing a light oil for hair care, hair can be distributed before her wedding Shine gloss.

6. Vaseline mixed with some water, put uniform on the hair, you can soothe dry hair so hair supple and glossy.

Cheeks Cheeks

7. don't turn on their wedding day, to make some blush to cheeks, as white wedding likely to take against the pale you lifeless, if there are some concerns, may wish to try on a wedding dress before the wedding, to see if you need to wipe the blush, probably after trying, you will find that you really need.

8. cheek highlights a little glitter or shimmering blush to brighten the face's natural splendor, luster to make the bride look more cutesy charm.

9. Pink blush is best for brides, it is not only suitable for all types of skin, but also can make the bride look even more gorgeous and moving, shoot out wedding photos would be nice.
&Nbsp;        Nails

10. don't expect to be in the wedding day to repair his fingernails and toenails, for on their wedding day, it can't be that much of your time waiting for the nail polish dries slowly.

11. avoid smearing on the nail too avant-garde alternative colors, this image of pure elegance and brides stray too far, if you want to make your wedding day a little different feeling, then select a flesh-colored or beige Polish, it can bring you fresh meat color and let the hands look soft matte finish.

12. breaking dry nails cannot be repaired overnight, so if you want to keep your fingers perfect shape, two months before the wedding began armor to do maintenance on a regular basis, often for nail scrub and paint base and top coat, appeared able to get your hands on wedding day moisturize the delicate appearance.

13. wipe the Vaseline on the nail keeps nails shiny and healthy.

Lips Lips

14. does not decolorize lipstick gives a feeling of dryness, rich moisturizing ingredients than selection of lipstick and lip gloss, that can make the lips look plump and beautiful.

15. lip liner with the same color clear lip, lip contour delicate and at the same time prevent the lipstick from overflowing.

16. avoid dark lipstick, it makes the overall description of the bride look too serious, most suitable for the bride's color is soft pink lips.

17. bring the Vaseline into the color is a matter of lip balm, you can make the lips soft and shiny.


18. as avoid acne acne in wedding Qian outbreak, because acne acne hard through makeup technique cover live, so wedding Qian of 2-3 months as don't of too strong of makeup, let skin can natural breathing, if unfortunately this during has acne acne appeared, with soft of towel package Shang ice, enough Yu affected area 30 seconds Hou, again won,, a points species Hou, again heavy enough once, such repeatedly two to three times, again will acne acne rubber coated in affected area stay 5 minutes around, wipe to Hou again wipe little anti-inflammatory surface cream, can reduce inflammation.

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