The significance of wedding

&Nbsp;   since ancient times, wedding on the significance of every boy and girl is extraordinary. From the acquaintance, friend to love, I believe the couple has experienced many, many in the process of falling in love, there is conflict, there will be a conflict. But when these two people decide to marry, nothing.
&Nbsp;   wedding is a ceremony, is a symbol, is a life of turning point, symbol with love of boy girl from this day up began official of common life, symbol with boy became has men, girl became has woman, symbol with from each other of life chapter will forever and other together to writing, to sway, each other shoulder with common of responsibility, perform with common of obligations, experience with common of hard, enjoy with common of joy.
&Nbsp;   wedding is a end, is a beginning, wedding is a belongs to self of life of end, is another a will forever and another a people share of life began, wedding that day brings of on everyone inside of impact and surging, even you see had qianbaichang wedding, see had countless people do had also of ceremony, himself no personally to experience had, experience had, may forever are cannot completely to understanding that feel......
&Nbsp;   fall in love so hard that two people to know each other, and really is a very happy thing. Wedding promises to each other, is the best way. Marriage is a commitment for life, do not leave. Wedding is a grateful, gratefulness to thank their parents, but also to assume the responsibility of educating our next generation, thanks to each other. Wedding or a notice to let all know, do not know know, today is your big day, to tell our families and friends and we were married!
&Nbsp;   pursue their own wedding, the pursuit of flamboyant wedding, wedding to pursue to achieve their aspirations, and the significance of their actions to achieve the wedding.
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