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&Nbsp;   when some white-collar workers who was married for about or sentimental time for one scruffy, in the workplace and community "hidden marriage" is quietly popular, these "hidden marriage" also known as "lonely". The so-called "hidden marriage", which has become a woman or husband, or for people, and a husband, but in public law child deliberately hidden, omitting their marital status, and to "single" and "married" status to anybody. Since ancient times, marriage is the most glamorous and the most natural thing, and why today in the development of human civilization, marriage which have suddenly became scrambled to hide the "knot"? The so-called hidden, you have desires, then hiding behind the story of what's going to happen again? To this end, we interviewed is implicit marriage or have hidden OFFICELADY. Their experience, may let the woman "hidden marriage" have a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the situation.
&Nbsp;   a work force, but the hidden marriage Liu Yi is a self-employed, resigned from the school and began running a grass green business. In the late 90, as she is such a big scale grass green man is not, therefore, by virtue of her smart, nimble and friends, business is booming. For a moment, she became a model for relatives and friends, cries of "total" called her feelings of euphoria, even snubbing her, depending on the brother eye's parents also began her hospitality. Grass green business is very hard, weathered, but the interest is huge, and soon, Liu Yi for himself and his family bought a new House and car. Business a few years down, Liu Yi and more capable and mature, but Ben 30 people never marry. Liu Yi's appearance has inherited advantages pretty charming, slim fit around her boyfriend for a crop after crop, but the marriage has still not been settled. Finally at the age of 31 years, her legal counsel and company for many years, Zhou set for life. But only registered, there's no wedding, the company didn't even have a sweet, so almost no one knew that they were married. Liu Yi do forced marriage is, after all, life events, who do not want to have a decent lively wedding? But Liu Yi was unable to do so.
&Nbsp;   since the company's founding date, Liu Yi is embracing the external activities. This is a man who dominated the field, women have to share here is not easy, but singles are given Liu Yi convenience. Sex charms and advantages, plus unique to men's hearts a sense of humour, her here at home, her career was also able to develop smoothly. In the company, he seems to be the General Manager and senior staff relations only at home that belonged to their two world, Liu Yi can lay down the shelf, gently nestled in her husband, enjoy the satisfaction and enjoyment of a wife. Until she was 36 years old that year, Liu Yi front slowly turned to scenes from the company, finally made a Grand wedding for yourself.
&Nbsp;   b a two spring, select hidden marriage NH athletic 28 this year, Bachelor only for a year. First-time wife, NH have happy, pleased with himself a triumphant little lady, don't mind what other people think. But increasingly, fewer people to talk with NH, especially the opposite sex. Because they look at NH, is no longer a cute little girl, but a cook and housewife. NH is only 28 years old, but in their eyes, she is no longer young. This judgment does not come from the real age of the man, but from their judgment.
&Nbsp;   company PARTY, has always been a Prom Queen NH suddenly became "frolicked" even though there are a few hardcore guys to dance with her gestures are becoming standard from increasingly distant, no previous familiarity and random, but more of a stiff and awkward. NH before playing character, buddy would surrender unconditionally, will now only look at her strangely. Everything changed, she's very depressed, so it's just because she's married status? Consider also, single contact will be direct and simple.
&Nbsp;   single is good, you can complain about the annoying work, customers hate, I didn't sleep well at night, and up too early in the morning, there will always be a person a sense of humour to come over to appease you; even if you lose your temper, that's only just single women, privilege, even if a bit vexatious is taken for granted. But if you are getting married, never complain about these, vision will only make people think that you have a problem, how to pick a Wimpy husband, lets you carry out a man dies? Then again, that's what you asked for it, who's wife worries for others---that's in your husband's affair. Men can help a single woman there, but for a married woman is not easy, there is a mental disorder: helping you help your husband---why should I help a foreign man?
&Nbsp;   with "painful" lessons, NH began to realize the importance of single status, it made her determined to hide the married status. NH leap when up her wedding ring, and in later days confidently made her Miss temper, enjoying her second spring, so even though she is a "pseudo-Miss."
&Nbsp;   c hidden marriage to relationships Li Qing is a Northern girl, beautiful, loyal, warm, after work, often having dinner with colleagues, friends, and entertainment. Don't think she was a carefree single woman, but she is already a wife married for two years. When they first came to the company she was a single, partying habits are formed at that time. This party has a rule, that married women are not invited to scope, because no one wants to play orgasm, when suddenly someone leave, or constantly harassing phone calls, should always report tracks. In fact, Li did not intend to conceal, she and her husband were walking in the forefront of the times, trendy men and women, nor does it think marriage will endure to be a "good wife" or "home" restriction, but others don't think so. Had a little sisters has been playing very well, after the marriage, also attended the party, but several people ended up disappointed. The reason is simple, every time she went out with co-workers or dinner or bar, there will always be some talkative people from time to time reminded her: "you were home with my husband for dinner today? Oh, and let the husband shoukongfang...... "as a result, making sisters were uncomfortable at the party, seems to have done nothing wrong, I feel anxiety, can only be ended early, and dispersed. Then you explain to no avail, because everybody's mood is no longer points. Warning, Li is determined to be a "hidden marriage", although there are "cheating", doing sweep but a white lie is better than the others and put on your good.
&Nbsp;   the single happy eyes, married women no longer belong to her, but is synonymous with family, asked her about her family. Li for his hidden marriage very calm, she thinks love is two things, tacitly, as long as we can be, not to let too many people know. Unmarried women, married women's view there must be some strange, complex reasons for this strange, so she does not want to because of their married status so that the original harmony and colleagues have become embarrassing.
&Nbsp;   d getting married too early, lack of confidence in the future effsui just graduated from college got married, of course, are married because love each other. Effsui is in the junior year met now husband, he is 8 years older than her, effsui care, care for me. Have been married for almost two years, effsui to work for more than two years, effsui's colleague, but no one knew her married status. This is xiaoxiaona full of angry Zhang Xue who can't put her link with marriage, and of course effsui shrouded in secrecy. In response to this initiative, she explained: I was too young and very confused wonder in the future, although for some reason I was married, but the future is still unable to grasp, something unknown in the future too much, variable is too large. Others may say I don't have confidence, but for long decades in the future, who can guarantee? So, I don't think it necessary to prematurely reveal their married status. Practice for me, my husband does not interfere with, not against, not in favour, all hands off attitude, he's understood I was very grateful.
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