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80 after three tragedies

&Nbsp;   relative to a House, a car, a diamond ring that big three, there are three things they are in a dilemma.
&Nbsp;   is the first wedding. At first, the practical bride wedding dress doesn't work, lifetime wearing back, hang up the worn out, not worth buying rather than renting. Two people went to the dress shop, and hundreds of dollars to solve the problem. Wedding home here. Cheerfully put on it, only to find that mother did not see stood up and walked into the kitchen. She has not accepted it. His future father-in-law after the past, young couple left, Jiang Chen was very embarrassed. Embarrassed, he said: "from tomorrow I will send back, we buy a set. "Anxious brides say I'm sorry, you don't get angry, understand my mom, not sensible to me now, about to get married, she does not give up, hypercritical is not enough. Jiang Chen said: "nothing's wrong, I know she thought I wronged you, I am wronged you, yourself uncomfortable. "
&Nbsp;   that night, the bride wandered all night on the Internet, get yourself a cheap and nice wedding, more than more than 1000 dollars, and online shopping. Wedding came, she didn't tell my mother was buying that, out of a price, more than 5,000 yuan, mother is satisfied.
&Nbsp;   second wedding car. Jiang Chen, a classmate recommended a wedding newspaper driver in Tianjin, he has a red convertible Mercedes, 1400 bucks, cheaper than Beijing, pledge the car is decent. Parents of car is Mazda, red Mazda car behind. Online car clubs, people with this car has the time, morning, hundreds of dollars for a trip. It was students, colleagues wedding knot out of experience and resources, save money and save time, affordable.
&Nbsp;   third was the wedding. Jiang Chen, whose standard is a 150 dollars, a table for ten people. Eight tables. Two relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues of the bride and groom. After the couple, friends ' income level is about the same. Everyone's money is a bit more than the meal, 200 Yuan, 300 yuan a red envelope, and means bring your own lunch. Real money is the home of the parents ' friends and relatives. Wedding, gifts received less than 20,000 yuan. Bride is carefully who gave something, how much money everyone down, she said to Jiang Chen, I cannot not only into the future gifts of people getting married, having children, moving to a new House, no matter what the opportunity, according to the number of return.
&Nbsp;   Jiang Chen's wedding, the bride an origin in Anhui, Beijing classmate drank too much, Pat Jiang Chen on the shoulder and said, do you know why she chose you didn't choose me? Jiang Chen openly say don't know and don't know, unimportant, and most important, today, she became his wife, and this was the best result. Drunk Guy drank a glass, and said, let me tell you, just because you are from Beijing, you have parents to support, House and car are diamonds, for me, real proletarian, my result was leftover ... ... Said the boy unconscious lying on the table. Bride's slightly disturbing, steal Jiang Chen's response, Jiang Chen kissed her on the cheek, and said: "he's right, go, we are to honor your father and your mother, and my father and my mother! ”
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