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Ballroom wedding plays skillfully select

&Nbsp;   factors affecting the effect of wedding banquet hall area: is the Ballroom to accommodate the number of determining factors. When the new people in the study room, taking into account the space between to warn, as well as the stage, carpet and other reservations.
&Nbsp;   top: one aspect should not be overlooked when the newcomer in the study room. Top direct impact on stage lighting set up, if you want a gorgeous, gorgeous lighting effects, requires Ballroom have enough height to accommodate light aircraft.
&Nbsp;   shape: Ballroom can be divided into different shapes such as rectangles, squares, diamonds,. Newcomers can shape according to the Ballroom to set stage locations, for guests to create good vision.
&Nbsp;   rug: the color of the carpet has a great influence on the room's overall effect, so new in determining the arrangement of color when, also need to consider the color of the carpet, floral and venue coordination showed the best results.
&Nbsp;   Banquet Hall of the hotel's banquet hall is rectangular, but according to the number of people, also has other function rooms can do the wedding venue, use differently in different ballrooms.
&Nbsp;   semi-circular Hall: you can set the stage in arc location, space-saving and concentrated attention.
&Nbsp;   triangle venue: using a sharp corner to arrange the stage, you can make the maximum use of space.
&Nbsp;   square venue: square venue, can make light and sound for maximum effect, relatively fewer restrictions.
&Nbsp;   other polygons: suitable for obtuse angle set the stage, the effect is more stretched, the venue is more open.
&Nbsp;   number of different wedding banquet select about 100 small wedding: according to the venue, can be freely designed chairs, allow guests easy and new interactions. Can effectively increase the atmosphere of the wedding floral arrangement. According to the wedding theme, you can choose to moderate size of the hotel function room, or a very unique restaurant. Don't ask for too high-the high, wide range of optional.
&Nbsp;   about 300 medium wedding: the wedding ballroom of the tight market. Ornate in style, Western-style can be a main feature. Select and book early, can be more easily scheduled to date. Most of the hotels have the capacity of the Banquet Hall, the couple from the aspects of transport, the environment, services to conduct a comprehensive study, to create comfortable atmosphere of the wedding.
&Nbsp;   about 500 large wedding: Grand imposing Grand Ballroom, with a broad vision, the couple are hard to take care of all guests, can be achieved through live broadcasting and projection and full guest interaction. In order to achieve good wedding effect, you need to add more hardware devices, lighting is one of the useful tools. Enough height is important, avoid the oppression of people.
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