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Before the wedding trap may wish to sign standard contract

&Nbsp;   according to the consumer protection Committee found, Photo Studio in the process of their wedding photos are all the consumer trap: one is false. At low prices to attract customers during the filming in rolling out new services, layers increases, ongoing second consumption; the second is package is unknown. Single instead of shooting Studio by appointment service contracts, rights and obligations of parties unknown, once the dispute, store charge, consumers in a weak position; third, wedding unsanitary. Wedding reuse, no cleaning and disinfection or rarely cleaned and disinfected four cosmetics are high quality and price. Shooting makeup Assistant to featured quality and high price of sales to customers in the form of cosmetics, if the customer does not accept or bring your own cosmetics, eyebrows; five were negative attribution is not clear. Store negatives taken in deliberately that forces consumers to pay more, and heavier burden on consumers; six is an industry specification for short. Not clearly marked, there is a great latent consumer space.
&Nbsp;   not long ago, consumer protection Committee held a special crack forum for wedding photography in Qingdao as the consumer trap. Forums, consumer lawyers support group member analyzes the nature of these consumption trap from a legal perspective: false discount stores, layers of charges, in violation of the principle of good faith; recommend low quality and high price of cosmetics to consumers, is tying are prohibited under the law; forcing consumers to buy extra film, in violation of copyright law, such as provisions relating to work in.
&Nbsp;   consumer protection Committee reminds consumers that should be selected during this service wedding photography contract designed by the business sector, so that the rights and obligations of both parties are clear, for consumers to get the most out of guarantee.
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