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&Nbsp;   hotel prices on the wedding 10% wedding in October this year, Mr Liu has recently begun booking wedding and wedding. "The thought superstition this year ' spring ' is many people don't get married, fewer people than in previous years, it would book a wedding, but didn't think no such thing. "Mr Liu said he transferred six or seven hotels in the urban areas, found that every day was already booked. It seems many young people concepts, superstition's argument doesn't hold water. "Not just booking no reduction in the number of, wedding prices shot higher. "Mr Liu said.
&Nbsp;   "wedding this year than it did last year raise 10%, service charges remained 15%. "Sea view Garden Hotel reservation department director Liu Yu described to reporters, hotel wedding banquets this year from last year have been reserved, in which reservations May be the most, now has more than 10 couples booked, other months to most of the weekend.
&Nbsp;   subsequently, the reporter learned from the Shangri-La Hotel and the Regent Hotel, wedding banquet prices hovering at around 10%, there are many new people in the last year had even book a wedding in December this year. According to hotel Director of communications: Zhang Wei introduced, the wedding book is up in May, September and October, reservation number and essentially flat compared to the same period last year. Their hotel wedding prices this year from last year's 288 Yuan/person, Rose was 318 Yuan/person, mainly because of the different dishes this year and in previous years, step up a level. Grand Regency Hotel Marketing Communications Department Ms Ding also said booking hotel, in May and October are still up, good times have largely been snapped up.
&Nbsp;   schedule of full red wedding wedding wedding photography market also pulled ahead of wedding photography experience a "small spring". "Although it is not fully warmed, there have been many rookie finished early wedding photos, wedding in a hurry. "Saint Valentine Wedding photography minjiang road, Wang told reporters that wedding prices this year compared to last year there is no change in schedule of row is more full. Their schedule from February to November in the store are lined with, if there are those who want to take wedding photos, need to analyse performance arrangements. According to reports, the wedding photos at present mainly in high-grade, premium compared with the previous year has increased the number of wedding photo shoot.
&Nbsp;   innocent wedding photography company in Zhongshan Road branch manager Jia Yuan introduction, their bookings and flat. Mid-range wedding photography of 4000 to 5000 RMB per cent to about 50%, a 20% increase over that of last year.
&Nbsp;   MC "good" day three "not just soaring wedding prices, MC's value has risen this year. "Partner wedding company, Qingdao City, Jiang said that some experienced Marshal half a year was" stolen "away, the price has risen by 200 Yuan over last year.
&Nbsp;   corn poppy wedding etiquette also said, this year, the number of marriages has not declined, MC the price has risen by 200 Yuan, emcee of this year's minimum charge of 1000 Yuan per game, the highest in more than 3000 Yuan. Some experienced master of ceremonies, on April 10, April 18, May 8, May 15, May 16, October 3 and October 10, acknowledged "the good life", every day to catch the 3 weddings.
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