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Location wedding shoot Raiders

&Nbsp;   We know that sunshine is on-location wedding photography days, plenty of light, cheerful mood is an important guarantee to take a good photo. However, not on a sunny day can feel free to take a good photo, and there are a lot of them about.
&Nbsp;   1, exterior light wedding photography as a whole.
&Nbsp;   location runs out, you can use Flash, feel free to use natural light. Focus here mainly of artificial light. All Flash hold little natural light on location photographer, looks less good.
&Nbsp;   2, character expression.
&Nbsp;   generally speaking, wedding expressions should not laugh too exaggerated, a laugh is easier to widen the face look fat, the other is easily laugh little eyes, three are easy to laugh wrinkles. Good natural smile. Normal circumstances, avoid very rigid, fake smile; the second is taboo expressions too cold, don't laugh, can be quiet and look.
&Nbsp;   too cool expression doesn't fit in the wedding photos. Can catch the natural smile in an instant's works, is the expression of the finest works. Emphasis on form and spirit photography, the so-called God means flavor, and its Center is an expression that good lively expression must be an instant lead and snap out, makes you laugh, half not, determines will not have a good expression.
&Nbsp;   wedding photography, the overall format of resolutions. If a location wedding photo, beautiful environment, beauty of nature, the composition is wonderful, even facial expressions, clothing and lack of detail, but the entire work gives the feel as well.
&Nbsp;   on location, local is to let the Sun as rim light (by backlight or backlight), the Sun is at the back of the head, front reflector, or fill flash. This kind of picture, strong sense of body and space, face absolute light and soft.
&Nbsp;   General Sun was shining on my face, face easy to highlight the overflow (sector muscles on the face white, no details), or light and shade comparison is too large, the consequences are not good. If before 9:00 in the morning, or afternoon 4:00 current, light soft, positive light (the Sun in front of the subjects or the front) can take good photos.
&Nbsp;   3, wedding photo exposure.
&Nbsp;   exposure is divided into precise exposure with accurate exposure. Correct exposure refers to the bright light, the dark premises of dark and light don't overflow (silver piece does not detail), dark is not the death of a black (what see the). Correct exposure refers to the high profile or low profile photography creative shooting. Here will concentrate on accurate exposure.
&Nbsp;   4, human face shape of wedding photography.
&Nbsp;   surface, is the angle of the face looks very handsome image. This important photographers associated with the Basic, it is difficult to briefly explain. There are some fundamental requests.
&Nbsp;   fat face and front should not take too much. Ordinary people, half the side (that is, beside the faces slightly to the side, slightly up or slightly down) will be comparable to the beautiful mouth convex or buck teeth is suitable only for positive, and it is flat, about face not has the contrast of light and shade.
&Nbsp;   5, photo background.
&Nbsp;   chosen environment is the key to good locations, the crux of the problem is the choice of background of the environment. Many on-location wedding photography, their ultimate results, more often than not due to the skill level of the photographer, but the location selection and choice of camera angles. The same photographer, wedding in Chaoyang Park and took in the Huairou scenic wedding, differences between natural and self-evident.
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