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Long curly hair bride's maiden hair

&Nbsp;   bride is the focus of the wedding, the perfect marriage dress and makeup, hairstyles bride to the focus of attention, flowing soft bride curly hair how to take care of many of the bride's heart, three nursing flowing silky curls.
&Nbsp;   nursing a: hot Hou of hair wants to maintained health has type, do cannot ignored nursing sent of work Oh! perm Hou sent quality will loss large water and protein, and just perm Hou two week is key repair nursing period, best is in two week within of intensive repair nursing, can avoid future hair fast dry oxidation, select containing moisturizing components of products, like is load Heba oil, and drupe oil, and olive oil, and vitamin original B5,, added hair loss of protein.
&Nbsp;   nursing II: Burns feels if hair is very dry, you can choose to nourish and high strength hair care products but because of strong hair care products moisturizes, rub will make hair feel thick, choice emphasizes the sense of light and fluffy hair products, so as not to affect the hair curls. Remember that according to their hair and needs to choose the right hair care products.
&Nbsp;   care: wants to maintain the pretty curls, hair milk cannot be used too much, can not be applied to the hair roots, will make the hair look flat collapsed, only use about 10 coins at a time the hair milk, apply to the ends. Apply hair care after breast, wrapped in a towel or a shower CAP, hair lotion on the hair for 10-15 minutes, you can have double moisturizing effect.
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