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&Nbsp;   spring/summer 2010 wedding dress trends analysis in the United States have such a jingle, unmarried woman who wants a VeraWang, divorced women miss the VeraWang, married woman glad you can have a VeraWang. Although most Chinese women to marry is to rent a wedding dress to use not like wedding rings and wedding room, spend capital investment, but, as a happy memory of important moments in a woman's life, wedding or should be carefully selected.
&Nbsp;   spring/summer 2010, simple nature is a popular mainstream wedding, classic and practical are the focus of attention. Whether it's from Lebanon Ditto everything at, the designer, is spring and summer wedding Expo 2010 New York triumphant on Oscar de la Renta and Caroline na¬∑hailaila, big name designers are designed around the simple and natural themes a number of murdered socialite eye masterpiece, dominates wedding dress fashion of the world. As a bride you, you are ready for it?
&Nbsp;   classic utility popular points: a-shaped skirt, tulle, lace, yarn for the crowd: good girl, Lady type of bride classic wedding dresses in the shape of practical aspects to traditional a-shaped skirt and prom dresses, chest tube top design elegant understated, replaced flowers, lace embroidery and jewels of the luxury complex, decorated wedding romantic and pure. Romantic lotus leaf and cake layers of the skirt was the highlight of a new, level changes in performance and rhythm. Ditto everything at work in designers, there will be a lot of sideways decorated with flounces; and from the Carolyn na¬∑hailaila of design, we can even see studded skirt from top to bottom are pieces of yarn, such as waving leaves, romantic and beautiful.
&Nbsp;   one-shoulder design popular points: straight skirts or fishtail skirts, Pearlized fabrics, sequins tassels for the crowd: tall, line embossing bride-to-be asymmetrical one-shoulder design, combined with straight skirts or fishtail skirt, showing women's s-shaped curves, simple fashion. Fishtail skirt skirt more relaxed this year, make it easier to walk. Ditto everything at Hollywood stars favorite designers win in fine style, using Flash satin, Pearlescent silk fabrics, chiffon, with a unique pattern of silver tassels, delicate embroidery, one-shoulder designs are also rich and varied, or long sleeves, or broadband, and women wear the wedding dress such as walking in the fairy tale.
&Nbsp;   ancient Greece style long dress fashion Essentials: natural vertical pleated dress, chiffon fabric for the crowd: wheat colour, sport-loving brides young followers of fashion, beach weddings, Garden weddings, outdoor weddings, such as popular, and the simple and natural wedding favor. So straight skirts or ancient Greece wind natural vertical pleated dress is more suitable for the new wedding trends, moreover, without a hint of extra folds of bias-cut dresses are also a good choice. Wedding flower and fold in more details like fine, fine work on fabrics such as satins, tulle.
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