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Subtle perfect wedding saving tips

&Nbsp;   saving tips choice of wedding venue wedding venue choice is an exhausting job, perfect wedding venue choices will make your wedding extra points if your wedding venue selected bad, that could make the entire wedding regret. How, then, to find that perfect wedding venues to save money anyway?
&Nbsp;   internal prices. If you have a friend or family member who is certain the site manager, may wish to consult with him in the wedding favors may get a fairly cheap price, and may even give you a free use.
&Nbsp;   car choice of money saving tips from home to access the bride and groom their own home, car is like a bridge, and significance. We want to uphold the traditional, and want to keep up with trends, how to choose car leasing cheapest is best policy? Rental car another way to have the solution!
&Nbsp;   does not hire a luxury car. Rent luxury wedding cars, smart people can finally leave wedding venues, so even if you don't rent a luxury car without losing face. And you can arrive at the reception, thus saving a large sum of rental fee.
&Nbsp;   color choice. One thing you should know: white cars more often than black or silver on some more expensive rental fees.
&Nbsp;   segmented consumer. No need to make a rental car all day, because it is often charge by the hour. Rent a car to take you to the wedding, and then hire a wedding is over to pick you up, this can save you a lot.
&Nbsp;   dress choice of money saving tips and now dresses more like a scenes into the wedding fashion shows, according to a different theme, let brides choice of clothing had a broader scope.
&Nbsp;   hand sewing the wedding dress. Can buying a basic model in a bridal shop, wedding dresses, and then hand-stitched decoration with the mother, perhaps only a little bit of money, but it means a lot.
&Nbsp;   small. If you think some luxury to adorn a once in a lifetime wedding must, then let it be leased. But not necessarily luxurious big-ticket items, some fine and expensive gadgets can reflect your taste, for example: gloves, shawls or purse is a good choice.
&Nbsp;   rent more gifts. Can communicate with the groomsmen dresses clothing store on loan, as they offer free provides a set of clothing, so the groom's dress is easy to get.
&Nbsp;   floral decoration choice of money saving tips if your budget is limited, cannot afford expensive wedding, don't worry, some details in the wedding can save you expenses.
&Nbsp;   placed flowers in key places. Having to put flowers on each table, but pick a few key places, such as the entrance hall and two right in front of the corner and the focus put on a flower you can make up work.
&Nbsp;   Potted flowers. Can be bought at the local flower market for home furnishings with potted plants and flowers, much cheaper than those delicate flowers, sometimes a few dollars you can buy a small tub, and Large orders will be cheaper.
&Nbsp;   clever use of stone. Pick large pieces of stone or Pebble decorative table, you can also compile master carved on the stone surface engraved with the guest's name, use as a place card.
&Nbsp;   saving tips food selection of the wedding day is the most talked of bridal gowns, wedding food is next. Most representative of this style of wedding food and wedding cake, it is a delicious dessert, is a manifestation of taste.
&Nbsp;   banquet cocktail party instead of the traditional sit down around the table, you can host a cocktail party. But you need to consider the cost, not to provide excessive upscale appetizers for your budget, 5 to 6 main dishes can.
&Nbsp;   streamlining for a table for wedding banquet program and does not require 5 to 6 procedure, as long as the 3-course program – an appetizer dish, exquisite entrees and main course, dessert is entirely reasonable.
&Nbsp;   dessert dinner if you still believe that evening party atmosphere, you may wish to invite guests to a dessert dinner. Starting from 7 o'clock in the evening, being small pastries, is served for all variety of pies, mousse cakes and stunning flame banana boat, sure guests will praise your creativity. Beverages to select champagne, coffee, and tea.
&Nbsp;   married other money saving tips there is too much to spend to make your wedding perfect, new people are willing to put up. In fact, as long as you carefully, so the perfect wedding is perfect.
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