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The basics of wedding dresses

&Nbsp;   classic white wedding dress for the wedding dress, white symbolizes purity and specificity, more wedding increase the romantic atmosphere. Wedding dress tail and align two styles, suitable for different occasions. According to the texture, dress-making and satin skirts in two styles, can meet the needs of different groups.
&Nbsp;   wedding main fabric: satin, forging thick, bright forging, lace, Crystal organza, organza, mesh yarn.
&Nbsp;   yarn series wedding dress, we suggest: when purchasing yarn series, in the case of economic capacities permit, do not choose a four-layer yarn products. Because so few layers, will make the wedding looks dry, listless, not quite solid, bouffant, cannot reflect the yarn quality fabrics light, romantic, dreamy feeling.
&Nbsp;   satin series of products, a imported thick forged with a layer of lining can achieve very good results. If coupled with good skirt, you will be more perfect.
&Nbsp;   the happiest moments in his life, who doesn't want to look their most beautiful side and eternal retained. How to choose a suitable wedding dress, seems to be a headache with the other persons problems. Select a once in a lifetime wedding dress, the most important is to be able to show my qualities and personality, then is able to cleverly disguise shortcomings and deficiencies. Following a few simple principles can be for new reference:
&Nbsp;   1) build small: suitable for high waist, yarn, waist in white yarn at a discount, to modifications in shape. Wedding dress down the skirt should be avoided too fluffy, resulting in head light foot and highlighted the shortcomings of short stature. Rotator cuff design should also avoid overly exaggerated, such as short sleeve or large leaves; the upper body can be gorgeous and varied skirt and veil to avoid too long; micro-low waist line v-waist design to increase the slender sense. For example:
&Nbsp;   2) tall: brides of this type can be said to be a natural for clothes, any style of wedding dress can be tried, particularly in the body is fishtail hem gown can show the advantages of body, matching CAP and half of his denomination's short wedding dress is preferred. For example:
&Nbsp;   3) tall, thin: to strengthen shoulders, designed the dress, tall and thin bride look can be more energetic, such as shoulder pads, exaggerated designs short sleeve lotus leaf, lines and upper body should be varied; optional water-soluble thick lace flowers; avoid bare shoulders, Flash design. For example:
&Nbsp;   4) plump figure: it is suitable for straight line cutting, combined with lace pattern, look more slender. Lace flowers should use a thin flat lace, not optional high collar styles, choose low collar and waist, skirt design complexity should be avoided. For example:
&Nbsp;   5) was too full: upper body busty bride best upper body chest line can show the advantages of simple design wedding dress down full, do not choose to fold as the focus of design a wedding dress. For example:
&Nbsp;   6) too slim bride, you better be wearing high-necked, long-sleeved, multi-level, flounces type of wedding dress. For example:
&Nbsp;   wedding dresses are usually standard sizes, namely in the code.
&Nbsp;   waist: 26-27 inches (66--68.5cm), bust: 35 inch (88.9cm); total length: 58 inches (147.3cm, jugular Fossa to the soles, no shoes).
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