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The bride, don't let the wedding break your

&Nbsp;   these days, wedding photography has become a must-have "items", advertising, window, that one has been carefully designed, making beautiful photos on the red carpet for the upcoming lovers do have considerable appeal. Regrettable is that wedding photography is not as wonderful as people think, although some shops decorated, elegant fa├žade, but uses tools, supplies and health concern at the wedding.
&Nbsp;   It is reported that the wedding dress for chemical fiber products, made of nylon, feather, synthetic and glass fibers and other raw materials. Some of the ingredients or additives tend to contain an antigenic substance, namely allergic substances, if the wearer is allergic skin, they are prone to allergic reactions, induce allergic contact dermatoses or, so that the bride is itching, Erythema, papules, air mass, and so on. If a wedding dress for a number of people are using, not for cleaning and disinfection, are likely transmitted hepatitis, Shigella, typhoid Bacillus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus, and the wearer may also be caused by a fungal infection ringworm, scabies and other skin disorders.
&Nbsp;   in addition, the wedding photo studio makeup is a way of disease, part Studio cosmetics no batches, imported cosmetics without Chinese identity, nor import batch number, the "three noes" products can be seen everywhere, but more serious is the cosmetic use, this "pooling" is likely to be infected with parasites and other infectious diseases. As a rule, must undergo a medical examination in the beauty industry, but most of the makeup artist, hairdresser Studio without a medical examination, the potential danger the health of customers.
&Nbsp;   so, the doctor suggested, if the bride is allergic, cotton wedding dresses for less skin irritation is a good choice, or to wear in the wedding underwear to avoid trouble. In the choice of Studio or when the wedding should be in terms of price, level, taking into account the health problem. Check shop is clean, clean, dress, makeup supplies, asked whether the dress cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis. In hiring after the wedding, containing antiseptic germicidal liquid ingredients of detergents to wash clothes and take a shower, to prevent the spread of skin diseases. Conditional best to bring your own cosmetics.
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