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Wear what to wear underwear

&Nbsp;   for women, is worth a lifetime memory of time is not a lot, but now wear the wedding dress of the moment, but it is a lifetime, because this moment is the beginning of happiness, this moment will be the most beautiful moments in your life. Wedding is a beautiful, romantic, and      is the wedding dress is relatively exposed, you also need to set the perfect underwear to foil, just as that with a light green flowers, but when wearing a wedding dress, wearing what kind of underwear should you?
&Nbsp;   wedding in the "three no's policy"
&Nbsp;   1. avoid strapless bra.
&Nbsp;   no matter how secure the shoulder belt, have the potential to shift, off the shoulder. Ferial "exposing" small, big day in front of the guests, "betrayed", would indeed be embarrassed I'm so sorry, arising out of the strap "scars" are the most detrimental to the appearance.
&Nbsp;   solution: completely eliminating shoulder straps, buckle closure, of trivial NuBra, with a sensitive, fixed, can absolutely cope with the bride during the wedding or banquet where various styles of dress up.
&Nbsp;   2. choose color and complex patterns of underwear.
&Nbsp;   colored underwear, even if the series is light in the Sun with the spotlight, can also cause color gone. And complex patterns, more damaging glee line thin fabric of the wedding itself.
&Nbsp;   3. careful selection too tight underwear.
&Nbsp;   before the bride after wedding diet and wedding day of a long and too busy to diet to add strength, if wearing excessively tight underwear, fainting can easily lead to hypoxia.
&Nbsp;   approach: ladies sexy corset dress, is a fairy tale Palace wedding dresses preferred sheer modern wedding dress choice: no trace of skin next to the skin as a second skin without leaving traces printed, there is no risk of transmission.
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