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Wedding planning 8 practical advice

&Nbsp;   a wide variety of wedding guide, maybe only a few can tell you the last number, each couple's wedding is different, but the basic process is the same, and see what you're missing in the wedding details?
&Nbsp;   the first chapter has decided, invite guests to invite guests to your wedding is a success. Experts recommend the use of invitations under way. One month in advance need to start preparing lists invitation list, purchase or custom invitations, invitations should be marked as elements such as time, location, new name, and will the requirement given to those who received invitations to participate in a clear reply, in order to determine the specific number of guests, and an object. After the invitations, estimated to have received when you call people you invite again confirm that the invitation is received, politely ask the person whether the family visiting. Remember, the number of master for determination of the wedding plays an important role.
&Nbsp;   Chapter wedding locations wedding is an important part of the wedding, preferably one month in advance starting location. Choosing wedding location, pay attention to the following aspects:
&Nbsp;   1, should be based on the number of plans to invite guests to book a modest room, room height is too low, particularly in large rooms.
&Nbsp;   2, wedding location audio must be at a predetermined time to give it a try.
&Nbsp;   3, many hotels or restaurants have specially prepared for the wedding room, this room is decorated in a reddish, suitable for Chinese people's aesthetic habits.
&Nbsp;   4, now some fashionable young people began to try a buffet reception, very casual, the atmosphere is relatively easy, but it is worth noting is that even should also arrange fixed-seat buffet, especially the main table to prevent the situation out of control.
&Nbsp;   5, on the table. Because each invited guest may bring temporary guest, based on experience, should increase the standard arrangement of a table for every 10~20 people. Tables need only pay a small service fee, as long as you don't opened do not have to pay.
&Nbsp;   Chapter III: the wedding should be 1, the wedding guests to speak, in which new parents, witnesses (best not to select relatives) as well as representative of the guests (both one) the tripartite statement is essential. Prior to elected representatives, make sure they will be able to attend the wedding, and notify them about 2 minutes to speak.
&Nbsp;   2, must pay attention to seating arrangements at the wedding, wedding should be relatively important person status (such as parents, witnesses, leaders on both sides) in the main table, the main table should be at the banquet hall located at.
&Nbsp;   3, on the scene layout, don't forget to put the couple's name prominently in the Banquet Hall, and prepare tobacco candy.
&Nbsp;   4, weddings should arrange a reception table, because it's primary function is to collect money, so it should be a trusted family member is responsible for. Note also that, if a visitor has no title in the gift package, the best was on his (her) name written, are likely to need in the future, "reciprocity".
&Nbsp;   the fourth chapter: selection of Studio 1, field trip: shop, Miss popularity, quality of the dress to the service quality, naturally weigh the results.
&Nbsp;   2, hear the views of friends and family: remember the old saying, "people told to eat", and to hear his opinion is correct.
&Nbsp;   3, select high reliability of "old".
&Nbsp;   the fifth chapter of the selected stores will begin serious negotiations before the camera, general store owner is required to pay a deposit. Remember to pay for benefits, be sure to and promised shopkeepers were put into writing. Low price is pure wedding, and do not provide on-location shooting. Film not for present or small gifts, no wedding service, or just the most basic such as Bridal, tuxedo rental content.
&Nbsp;   high prices in basic content is much more abundant, from shooting environment, staff, photo albums, wedding services, differ on gifts, can get as many benefits as you "negotiate" skill. And in a variety of price difference is mainly in the form of units and camera count, special production, photo albums, income count for the album and wedding services. On gifts, generally divided into two kinds, one kind, such as: wedding dresses, jewelry, souvenirs and so on. Another is to appear as the VIP card, including: free anniversary photos, photo, baby photo or enjoying multiple and lifelong discounts, diversity, et cetera.
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