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Wedding shoes to match changing wedding dress

&Nbsp;   wedding article style a: Orthodox wedding simple style, Bon Bon skirt body is Orthodox wedding most common of performance way, and this class wedding match of shoes paragraph, style Shang are relative simple can, color Shang to white, and silver for better, more close wedding of white or beige more and wedding fit, in walking Shi also not because show not take adjustable of dark Department shoes paragraph is towering.
&Nbsp;   style II: alternative fashion paragraph fashion paragraph of wedding not stuck Yu Orthodox wedding of tying, let bride can better to show itself of personality, this class wedding in color Shang to beige mostly, wedding of overall decorative degrees strong, using large of fashion elements as on clothing of dotted, such in match shoes paragraph Shang also to caught wedding Shang of popular elements, let wedding Shang appeared of accessories elements also in shoes Shang show out.
&Nbsp;   style: flower dress flowers jumping, no matter in any season is hot key, this trend affected by the large flower dress, flower dress is this season has been a hot, paired with floral shoes can be the same flowers appeared on the series can also be a dress the color of single color shoes.
&Nbsp;   design II: sequin dress this dress often rely on Sparkle, diamond stitched together, the biggest feature is absolutely enough to shine in the light exposure is the focus of public attention, metal wear effect dress and they are a bit bulky, emphasizing the SLIM results, most popular were stomacher and fine harness style. Metal Ballroom dress easier loading efficiency of refraction of light and shadow, choose color low profile shoe is a wise move. Three styles: fashion short dress are tired of the same basic dress, the rise of short dresses for wedding apparel and lay a booster dose, so dress the most critical point is above the hem of the leg lines, a pair of stilettos shoes become the dress of the best match.
&Nbsp;   style a: dress paragraph cheongsam improved paragraph of cheongsam used cheongsam of color and pattern match dress of cut and style, let not like wearing traditional cheongsam of bride has has new of select, for this paragraph dress match of shoes paragraph on need focused on color, if is and the to or drag tail of style, in shoes of select Shang as avoid are red can select than red slightly shallow of Red Department, let Visual Shang has a level.
&Nbsp;   design II: improved mostly dressed in cheongsam qipao the bride in the shoe of choice on the first response that is red, red is indeed the most appropriate color, but the traditional garment, in shoe styles we can move on to add dress fashion index, such as embroidery, embroidered satin or unexpected flat shoes, are eye-catching focus.
&Nbsp;   small comments:
&Nbsp;   to find a good pair of wedding shoes sometimes like to meet a man. So fuck annoying married custom wedding shoes for many issues and too busy to spend more time looking for new wedding shoes is the Gospel, regardless of style, color, size, decoration, even with the high can be produced according to guest requirements, can also be combined with their own little creative, for the perfect wedding more colorful one.
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